Anzhe is a singer-songwriter from Slovenia. He lives in Kranjska Gora, which is most famous for alpine skiing and ski jumping. He released a few singles and will continue doing so in the future. On the stage he uses unique live-looping techniques with acoustic guitar and drum kick, but he also has a backing band for bigger stages. 

His career started when he was 11-years old and at this age he attended a youth festival and was first seen on TV. Few years later he wrote my first album and presented it on the national television (check youtube). From then on he was learning how to play, how to write songs and how to perform. He became a professional musician in 2012.

In 2020 he’s planning to hit big stages in Slovenia and Europe and release 3 singles starting January.

Due to good connections to European cities, he plays many gigs outside Slovenia, like Cyprus, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia and England.

He also owns a small studio where he records his musical ideas.



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Inspiration from Anzhe:

Anzhe-Pozitiven Song
Anzhe-Lost on you (Live Looper Cover)

Marken: Elite Acoustics