Simon Michael

Simon wurde 1984 in Heidelberg geboren und ist freischaffender Musiker, Musikproduzent und Komponist. Die meisten kennen ihn als Drummer der Potsdamer Band "Subway To Sally", mit der er inzwischen über 500 Shows in ganz Europa, Russland, USA und China bestritten hat. Als Musikproduzent, Arrangeur und Mixengineer ist Simon inzwischen regelmäßig in den deutschen Album Top Ten zu finden und hat, neben seinen eigenen Bands, zahlreiche namhafte Künstler und Projekte produziert. Er lebt im oberfränkischen Forchheim, verbringt aber sehr viel Zeit in Potsdam, was fast schon seine zweite Heimat geworden ist. Dreh- und Angelpunkt seines kreativen Schaffens ist sein eigenes Tonstudio- das  "Great Hall Studio"- im oberfränkischen Ebermannstadt.


Simon über 2BOX:

„Some time ago Subway to Sally had the idea to connect acoustic, historical instruments with hard electronical music. The result was the “NEON” Tour. We called it “e-coustic”, which describes the content pretty well. I wanted to try around with a mixture of synthetic and acoustic sounds by myself , that’s why I got more and more involved with E-drums.
I chose 2BOX because I can use my own sounds without any problems, also edit them via my laptop and then transfer it. We acutally fixed the sounds during the tour – that worked easily and problem-free. 2BOX also sounds good by nature. Not over the top, very natural! I liked that from the beginning on.
The switchover to e-drums was surprisingly easy for me. I created my own samples for Kick and Snare, used a factory sound for the Toms and Cymbals. As soon as I plug in the earphones the feeling of playing on e-drums is completely gone.
It was also a blessing for our man at the mixers. He had the full control over the sound due to the barely available stage volume. I’m just listening to the live recordings of the tour. Let me tell you that makes sense! It was a good decision to  use 2BOX!”



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