MM 2013 - Alex Landenburg auf der Agora Stage

Schlagzeuger aufgepasst!

Alex Landenburg, Drummer von RHAPSODY, MEKONG DELTA und 21OCTAYNE, zeigt euch, wie gut das DrumIt Five über eine PA klingt.
Im Rahmen der Musikmesse präsentiert Alex sein 2BOX Set auf der Agora Stage und erklärt Euch, wie man E-Drums live am besten einsetzt.

Agora Stage: 11. April um 16.00 Uhr

Also nicht verpassen!

Alex Landenburg auf der Agora Stage:

11. April um 16.00 Uhr

Agora Stage: 11. April um 16.00 Uhr




Alex’s first major step into the spotlight was 2007 at age 26 when Jeff Waters asked him to join
one of Canada’s most important Metal acts ever, ANNIHILATOR. 

He toured with ANNIHILATOR, supporting the record “Metal” which was recorded by none other
than drum legend Mike Mangini.

Shortly after touring Europe and the U.K. with ANNIHILATOR he was asked to replace
yet another drum legend.

2008 asked Uli Kusch himself, of Helloween and Masterplan fame, Alex to replace him in the
legendary progressive band MEKONG DELTA, the brainchild of composer and bass virtuoso
Ralf Hubert.

After working extensively with MEKONG DELTA and playing to fans in Greece, Russia, Norway,
Denmark, France and Germany, to name a few,

Alex joined yet another famous German act in late 2008. AXXIS, one of Germany’s biggest acts
of the early nineties, asked Alex to be their new drummer and he record their upcoming album
“Utopia” with them.

In the fall of 2010 Alex was asked to play drums for the Melodic Metal act STRATOVARIUS and
to step in for their drummer Jörg Michael for the duration of the first part of their mutual tour with
Helloween, another highlight in Alex’s career till that point.

Right after that, in early 2011 Alex was asked again, to step in for Uli Kusch, this time replacing
him in both Timo Tolkki (ex-Stratovarius) and Andre Matos' (ex-Angra) new “super group”

Together they did a tour of South America, playing to fans in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile.

In 2012 Alex joined Rhapsody as their new permanent drummer and went on a huge European
tour later that year with them.

Now in 2013 Alex is busy with 21OCTAYNE, a new band he put together with his longtime friend
and former AXXIS bandmate Marco Wriedt. They are currently recording their debut album.

Later in 2013 there will be more touring with Rhapsody as well as recording new albums with
both Rhapsody and Mekong Delta.

Alex endorses DRUMCRAFT drums, MEINL cymbals, Vater drumsticks,
REMO drumheads & 2BOX electronics.